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Navigating Journey of Hearts
Navigation Bars
Navigating the Journey of Hearts™ website can be a bit confusing. The site contains two different navigation bars: one on the main page or home page, the second at the bottom of each page throughout the entire site.

Navigation Suggestions for Visitors
The Journey of Hearts™ website contains a variety of information on the topics of Grief and Loss that can be helpful for anyone experiencing a loss and for those supporting them—friends, family medical and healthcare professionals. This section highlights the available resources on Journey of Hearts™ suggested for specific types of visitors: grieving users, friends, family members & co-workers, general users, and professionals— physicians; nurses; mental health professionals: psychologists, counselors, hospice workers; students in training: medical, nursing, mental health; social workers; trauma responders: police, firefighters, EMS, highway patrol; clergy, teachers, and funeral directors, etc.

The Major Sections
With 8 major sections and several hundred of pages comprising this website, visitors often need some help in figuring out where they need to go to locate the types of information or resources they are interested in finding. Below some general information is provided on what can be located within each of the major sections.

Arrow What's New?
This page is designed to let visitors discover the latest additions to the website and information about Journey of Heartsarranged in reverse chronological order.

Arrow About the Website
This section provides the basic background on the site and the creative forces behind the creation of site, including information about the "Griefdoc" and the redesign. This section contains information on our Mission Statement, Articles & Presentaions, Awards, Organizations & Affiliations, Terms of Use, Privacy Statement, Copyright information, Site map, Comments from Visitors, and How to Contact this Site. 

Arrow Loss, Change & Grief
This section contains a various grief AIDE resources to help visitors to this site understand more about these topics starting with general information, how to recognize acute responses to grief, and recognizing the different complications of grief. This section also helps visitors to assess for the risk of suicide as well as identifying the warning signs and symptoms that may require further evaluation. Finally this section includes a variety of ways of coping in general and with the “blues” along with suggestions for helping adults and children who are grieving.

Arrow A Healing Place
The newest addition to the Journey of Hearts™ site. This new section combines carefully selected images with inspirational and/or motivational quotes, poems blessings, prayers for visitors to just sit, reflect and experiencing as a calming and/or inspirational site resource. A Healing Place can also be a place for stress relief where visitors can take a brief mini mental vacation, a short online coffee break, a respite from the day-to-day grind. This section also utilizes the healing quality to nature in the selection of many of the images and includes a two part article on Nature Awareness.

Arrow Emergency Pick-me-up
This section uses encouragement, motivation and humor to provide inspiration, support and pick-me-ups. This section is especially for those who need to "Feel Better Now!" It consists of a variety of different Grief AIDEs—poems, songs, expressions, stories, quotes, articles and images selected to brighten the day, soothe the heart and lift the spirit. Resources include: Thing to Do, Ways of Coping, Discover Rainbows and humor, recognizing that sometimes laugher is the best medicine.

Arrow Condolence & Sympathy
This sections uses calming images, soothing words, and inspirational messages to help with the initial numbing phases, to nullify the shock and help start slow journey to healing. This section is for those dealing with the grief response following a loss, crisis or significant life-changing event either acute or long-standing. Resources include: Words of Condolence and Words of Inspiration, Ways of Remembering and Ways of Coping.

Arrow Resources
This section contains links to educational and informative resources that cover a variety of different "losses" on Journey of Hearts™ and on others. This section provides links to a variety of Medical Resources from A to Z on topics related to loss. It also provides information on the Medical Internet. There are a variety of different articles on Loss; Children, Loss & Grief; Death & Dying; Sudden, Accidental or Traumatic Death; on Loss the Workplace; Humor and Medical Training. In addition there are "Other Resources" that include: Poems & Quotes, Stories, Grief AIDEs, Presentations and links to our "9-11: United in Courage and Grief" resources. This section also includes Journey of Hearts™  Book Recommendations and Things to Do, Ways to Cope and Ways to Remember.

Arrow Transitional Medicine
This section explains Transitional Medicine the term we formulated for the grief and loss work done utilizing the Journey of Hearts™ website. Transitional Medicine combines the best of medicine, psychiatry or counseling, and complementary therapies with the new field of psychneuroimmunology and utilizes Internet technology to provide resources and support in the grieving process of going from loss through a transition to eventually reach healing. The resources include information On Transformation, On Surviving, On the traditional concept of "Letting Go" and some of the recent changes in this prevalent grief concept. In addition there are Articles on Transitional Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology, Web Education, Articles & Presentations on Journey of Hearts™ and Poems, Quotes & Stories on Transition and Transformation.

Arrow Butterflies and Blazes
Butterflies and Blazes (the phoenix) were selected as dual unifying theme to symbolize the process that people go through—from loss through transition to healing—in processing the grief response. The butterfly was chosen to represent transformation, the phoenix to represent strength and triumphing over adversity. This section contains poems quotes, stories and images of both butterflies and blazes (the phoenix). The Soaring™ section, one of the grief AIDE's has been revised and updated.

Arrow Transformations on the Journey
This message forum provides visitors with a place to share their insights on coping with loss, or resources—books on online that helped in their grief process. The new message board is more interactive and allows for people to leave their own message and/or respond to another person's message. Also included is a way of posting a memory or a remembrance of a loved one with the image of a rose.

If you want to get somewhere
you have to know where you want to go and how to get there.
Then never, never, never give up.

Norman Vincent Peale

See the Emergency 911 Page for links to immediate resources
if you are feeling helpless, hopeless, overwhelmingly depressed, or suicidal.

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