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Comments About Journey of HeartsTM
Since 2002

The most recent comments sent to Journey of HeartsTMsince the beginning of 2002:

You have a wonderful site. I especially have enjoyed the Light Candles this Holiday page. I've visited several times and feel the sadness recede as I light the candles for love, peace etc.
Thanks again,

I have used your site numerous times with high school students counseling groups. Today I am printing out some pages for a girl who had a 3-month miscarriage, but we'll use it for the whole group to deal with grief and loss and change.

For high school students the language is great. Also we've printed out the pictures and stages and pictures with words and kept them on the wall in my offices (I have 3-4). At one point I had a yearlong grief group (I form groups by what is necessary) and the next year, the kids referred to the stage picture with the lightning in a discussion in a stress management group, teaching the others what they remembered the year before.

And one last thing...I also have used it for the loss kids feel when they must accept that their parent (usually an addicted one) is never going to turn around and be the parent they want them to be.

Please don't ever quit. Most people in the midst of grief won't be able to tell you how important it is. (I lost my husband 7 years ago.) Especially high school kids, most don't tell me what it all meant to them when I ask at the end of the year. I get several calls years later, like when one student had his first child, and when they come back to visit from college, they tell the current students things they've used from their high school groups. It's a real lesson in letting go that’s for sure.

I'm in Virginia near DC and it's important to me that these things are not religious in the schools - your site is wonderful for being spiritual without dogma. Thanks for that too.

Nan Aitel-Thompson

Hi! I went to your Journey of Hearts site and I love it. It speaks so poignantly of issues currently happening in my life and the lives of some of my friends. It is a way to heal my heart and soul without having to speak to anyone.

I just want to thank you for this site which I found today. I have decided to transform some of the emotional pain I experienced into love of those who I come in contact with who I can tell need a friend and encouragement. May you continue to get many blessings in your own life. One of the things I am doing is sending letters of encouragement to my uncle in prison and the priest from my church who is in a treatment center for depression for six months. Well I have to go. God bless.


I have visited Journey of Hearts many times since August 14, 2001, when my mother died. It has brought me comfort and consolation many times. No matter how well-meaning family and friends may be, sometimes you just need to be with people who have taken the journey. Thank you for providing a way for so many to do that.
Again, thank you for what you are doing.
Kelly Moss Chitwood

Having looked briefly at your site (I will be returning and passing details all over the UK) I am awe-struck at the beauty of your work and the soul that lies behind such dedication and commitment. Thank you with all my heart and I know I speak on behalf of many more who will find great comfort here once they hear of your work.
It strikes me that you must be the hardest working person imaginable but it looks as if your work is your joy - I sincerely hope so.
Bless you, dear friend, for I feel that is what you must be. With love,
Alice Bergin

Hello I would like to become a member of your community. I am not sure how, I have looked everywhere, I thought, I could not find anywhere to join. So hopefully I will be able to. It would be an honor to be a member of your awesome community, you have so much to offer. I do not recall seeing a community quite like yours. I am being honest here, it is really great.
God Bless.
Terri V.

I love this poem [Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep] and have sent it to many people as well as your website. We had tragic news from Spain that a young girl was killed in an accident. Do you have a spanish translation for this very beautiful poem? Thank you and thank you for such a wonderful website, I refer to it often, it brings great consolation.

Thanks again, and thanks again for your website, I am just sending it again today to a young girl that is very handicapped at home and very depressed, so I am hoping that it will give her some inspiration to keep going. Keep up the good work

Ellen Tietke

I was searching for the Camus quote on finding the invincible summer within oneself in the Web when I arrived at your page:, where you mention that you used that quote during your marriage beside a snow drift. A better quote you couldn't have chosen.

It's good to see that those lovely words have inspired so many of us. I sent that quote to my brother – we both are mourning the sudden death of my mother back home in India -- and he, too, was very moved. Good luck to you, Kirsti. And may the summers ever remain warm within our hearts.

Raju Chebium

I love your web site.
I find so much solace there. I have recommended it to family members and to all who have lost loved ones. I just lost a dear friend and former relative and I send copies of the poems to her husband, my dear friend who will be 80 March 26.

God bless you and keep you. I pray that this site will always be around. Do you have these poems published? I would like to purchase if so.

Again, God bless you.


That is so Beautiful.... I can share in your pain, for my life is full of darkness somedays.. And your poem [Darkness] just touched my heart... I just had to write you and say Thanks for Shareing.. You've touched my heart and soul.

I have just spent hours reading this website. I originally went here looking for something of comfort to send a friend who lost her little girl last year after she was hit by a car. This is a truly wonderful site, I've enjoyed it so much.

Now my question...I would love to find a similar site or "words of inspiration" concerning children with disabilities. My son has recently been diagnosed with autism and I have spent endless hours on the Internet not only looking for information and answers, but also looking for "hope". I am an avid reader and love poetry and seem to relate to those kinds of "words" easier than any other. Is there anywhere you can direct me to help me find a site like this regarding having a child with a disability?
Thank you,


I really love your site, recently we lost a good friend, not even a week ago, and I came on looking for a good site, and found yours.

I lost my husband mid January after a short illness. I am still trying to come to terms with realty but it's difficult. And I came across your site, which seems to be consoling me.

Hello again, What made me search for Journey again? My younger brother died a couple of weeks ago. He had been healed of inoperable cancer for the pancreas 15 years ago—now cancer again liver, pancreas, lung. Still I really believed he would be healed again. Then pneumonia and diabetic shock and I still had faith that he would get well. My faith was or was I just in great denial?
About a week before he died a thought kept coming to me...He had fifteen years. The Lord gave him fifteen years. He had requested to be cremated and have his ashes spread on the ocean at Laguna beach. I wasn't there but my sister said the whole day was overcast from Las Vegas to Ca.,but when they poured out his ashes on the water.... The sun came out.
Kirsti I'm so happy for you and your family, and I still admire you greatly.
With love and hugs,

I have been reading and sharing the poetry on your site. It gives a Bereaved Mom, Me, the strength, and faith, I need so badly, every day.
God Bless you,
Betty Fisher,
Alan's(1968-1999) Mom Forever

Thank you so much for your website. Grieving is universal like love and you share it beautifully.
I lost my wife June 10, 2001 of heart disease and I performed CPR to keep her in this world. Though she lived only 60 hours it gave me time to gather her family and loved ones around her. Sally was my best friend, lover, companion and soulmate. At 55 and me at 53 it was too soon to let her go but her love of Heaven was strong and she was tired. I see her in the moonlight or hear her in the singing of the birds at morning’s light. Butterflies, grandchildren and pets are all glimpses of Sally and she is never far away. A spring rain, flowers or the sun's rays all speak of the other world where the human spirit and soul have achieved perfection. In that Upper Room I know she is whole, healthy and happy once again.

Thank you for your site as it allowed me to open a dam that had been walled up for a while.


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this site. When I lost my husband it was such a comfort. I live in the country, isolated so it really helped. Especially helpful are the articles and information about research, not just feel good stuff although that is super important.

When I first began and I saw some grief materials, they said basically to forget him and move on. I adamantly knew I did not ever want to forget and let go and say goodbye. Yes, I have said goodbye to an active human form in my life but I still feel his love. For a while, I hid behind his death so I wouldn't have to figure out what I would do with the rest of my life. You know, I was the poor grieving widow. It made people treat me nice and I got attention.

Then I went to GriefShare and it woke me up. I saw people whose husbands had died 6 years ago trapped. I did not want to be forever trapped in the poor widow syndrome. But whoever tells you that your life will be fine, you will forget him and go on to the nice sanitized American life is full of bunk. It is so hard, but it just has to be a different kind of joy. The only way I personally will make it is to serve God by serving my fellow man. I am trying to do that instead of focusing on my loss so much. It only makes me miserable I can't change it so I might as well accept it.

Thank you so much for the gift of this site. You really will never know how much it meant in those awful days at the beginning of this dark tunnel.


I am so glad to have found this site!!! I am 47 years old and have just grown up. I found the girl I was hoping to marry passed away in her bed on March 17, 5:00 PM !! I am forever a changed person, no more aggressive attitude, no more ill will or feelings towards others.

Now I am empty, lost, lonley, and do not feel good anymore. I miss her with a passion that is beyond the stars. She was my world. Now I will never, ever get to see, touch, smell, and talk with my little Rachel again. God it hurts !!! I loved her with every fiber and drop of blood in me.
Thank you for your site,


I recently found your site and I must say that I wish I had found it two years ago when my mother was suddenly taken from us by metastatic breast cancer. Although her suffering seemed brief, she disclosed her pain for years. She had been diagnosed in the 80's with this disease to which she fought with a as well as intensive radiation. Over ten years passed before the disease came back to overwhelm her body. She always felt that one day it would come back, so in the years after her first diagnoses she worked very hard to take care of herself and to teach us as much as she possibly could should her life be cut short. She was not morbid or crazy, her maternal instincts drove my mother to be prepared should she live to be a hundred or to die at an early age which she did.

I understand the pain which we all suffer with loss and I hope that through the words I write or the paintings that I create that I can make at least one person feel better. I was blessed with loving friends and family, but it was through the words and experiences of others that I learned about life, death, grieving and acceptance. The pain will stop after acceptance and knowledge are found.


Hello. First, thank you for creating and maintaining this Web site. I have been searching for a couple months now for information and resources on grief and I am so so thankful to have found your site.

My therapist died 5 months ago, unexpectedly. I didn't see that one on your list [of losses], although I guess it could be under a "friend", but really the relationship is so much more than that.

She was my friend, my parent, my mentor and my hero. I cannot believe she's gone. Nevertheless, just wanted to add that one to your list.

I thank you.

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The truest award for your site is the quiet [and silent] "thank-you's" from all over the world, from people whose lives your site has touched.
Susan G. Rager

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