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Medical & Professionals Comment About Journey of HeartsTM Part 2

Among the most rewarding messages are those from other professionals who also deal with various losses—healthcare professionals, medical students, residents, physicians, nurses, ministers, highway patrol and police officers, funeral directors, social workers, hospice volunteers and caretakers. Many of those working in the field have discovered the site when they themselves have experienced a difficult loss and grief response, are looking for resources to cope, find Journey of HeartsTM, and then refer others. The selected comments that follow are grouped by professions.
I wish I'd found your site about 4 years ago when I went through my major life change. Definitely could have used it. I'm glad it is there for others.
Karen Weber
Physical Therapist

I just think this web site is wonderful. I lost a boyfriend while we were in college (1992) to a drunk driving accident. I wish you were around then. I work with cancer patients as a Radiation Therapist and I see death all of the time. What I have experienced has helped me to deal with and help these helpless victims of a horrible disease. Keep up the good work!
Mary Roberts
Radiation Therapist

Thank you so much for such an inspirational web site. My sister battles with depression everyday of her life and she sent it to me. I have bouts of depression from time to time as well. Thanks again for a great site.
Surgical Technician

I found this site to be informative in every aspect there is possible. It has brought me peace and serenity in my life. I recently suffered the loss of my fiancee. If it hadn't been for the beautiful Journey of Hearts site and the support, I don't know what would have happened to me. I have recommended this site to friends and relatives who are also looking for resources and support Through the Journey of Hearts Web site, Dr. Kirsti Dyer has presented to us that there is life after a loss, and that the heart can still go on. God Bless all her endeavors.
Caroline Angela
AEMT, Nurse Tech
Oncology Floor, Methodist Hospital

Your website has provided an enormous amount of comfort to me. My best friend just died- he was in a serious car accident- he was thrown from his car and the car rolled over top of him. He was in a coma for 4 weeks. He was cleared for surgery to repair his shattered hip. Unfortunately, he coded multiple times during surgery, and died the next morning. He died almost exactly 4 weeks after the accident and almost 4 weeks before his 31st birthday.
Anyways- I have been in a SERIOUS funk since his death last week. I have been searching and searching the net looking for something to bring me hope or help me over "the hump". I came across your site yesterday, and immediately hit the "emergency pick-me-up page".  And that it was- it really saved my ---. Seriously. So I wanted to say thanks. I have been combing through your site during breaks at work. I respect the fact that you got this site together.
Thanks again.
Wendy MacNeil, BS, RVT
Registered Vascular Technologist
Vascular Surgery Lab
Dartmouth Medical Center

Thanks for your wonderful website. I've shared it with people and it really is a "healing place".
Lucy Thomas
Medical Library Director
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

I am a SWM, 30 yo--Dealing with the loss of my younger Brother. He was killed in a tragic accident, Jan.28, 2001! He passed at the "tender" young age of 25yo. I will never be the same? Never!!
Thank you so much for your wonderful, well-thought out, knowledgeable website!! It has been a great help to me!!
Daniel Melton,R.Ph.
Hospital Pharmacist

Wow!!! You have created a wonderful site. I have experienced some great losses in the past year and I only wish I had known you were here. I have linked this site to all my friends. I work in healthcare too! I am a Sales Representative for a respiratory care/medical supply company and I have a Master's in Health Service Administration with an emphasis on Home health. I am thankful for doctors who put feet to their words -- you have gone above and beyond! So when I say that it is about time that Doctor's show a bit of compassion for hurting people; I can speak first hand.
You have a special day! God Bless You!
Mary Lamborn
Master's in Health Service Administration

Thank you for such a heartfelt and caring site. It is an inspiration!
Christine Rowley
About Smoking Cessation Guide

I am making a presentation to a group of professionals ande paraprofessionals at a convention for the EArly Mental Health Initiative (also known as PIP). These educators work with children between the ages of kindergarten and third grade and their parents. I would be very eager to share some of the information you have on the website with the staff if you would be willing to provide me with permission. I will, of course, refer them to the website during the presentation for on-going reference but anything that I could distribute for those participants that don't have access to the internet would be helpful as well. Could you advise me?

I am a school psychologist with Fowler Unified School District. We had some difficulties with mourning issues as two young teenage girls were killed by a drunk driver. The fall-out throughout this tiny community was extensive. We want to help our community deal with their pain and recovery. Thanks in advance for any opportunities for assistance you may be willing to supply.

Linda Mourer
School Psychologist
Fowler Unified School District, California

Your site was recommended by one of the people who help to run "The Pain Relief Center" here on the web associated with AOL. First may I say that your patients are extremely blessed individuals! So often today one can and does encounter physicians who cause you to wonder why they got into medicine in the first place.
After going through your site, what a valuable asset you are not only to the medical community but to the world as well! I am a 30 yr. old woman who has has 14 reconstructive inner ear surgeries since the age of 6, due to congenital abnormalities of my inner ears, resulting chronic pain in my left ear.
When one has chronic pain it entails many aspects not only physical but psychological as well. One of those issues is mourning the loss of your life without pain or medicine. It is a viable loss that can create havoc on the soul unless grieved over and accepted. I will graduate in December with my Master's Rehabilitation Counseling. I hope I will touch people as you have.
Thank you for providing a site that helps so very much with that process. I pray and hope that your approach as a physician and woman rubs off on fellow peers and those in general you come in contact with, whether in person or in cyberspace, it is what will help heal this world.
Michelle Wagner
B.S. Counseling Psychology
Master's In Rehabilitation Counseling 

I very much liked you website. I am a therapist (clinical social worker) thinking of setting up one of my own (different topics). But how does it pay for itself? Takes time to write, gather copyright permissions, etc. This may be a dumb question but I know more of how to rather the mechanics of. Thanks for any advice you can give.
Linda Ayscue Gupta, LCSW
Lead Developer
Child Welfare Curriculum
VISSTA/VCU School of Social Work
We met a few years ago at an AAB conference. I was just at your web page looking for pages to refer my loss, grief and dying students to. The page is really great! I'm so glad that you addressed loss as a universal experience.

I am now doing seminars for PESI Health Care on end of life issues, as well as teaching two sections of Loss, Grief, and Dying for Cochise College in southeastern Arizona.

Hope all is well with you.

Enid Scwhartz
Certified Bereavement Facilitator
Instructor, Coshise College, Arizona

I am a counselor, and I have never found anything more helpful on the Internet. I will recommend it to everyone. I have spend the greater part of the night reading through some of it, and will finish reading the site before the weekend is over. It is wonderful! are wonderful for sharing it with everyone. You are gifted, you know.

I just found your page and think it's wonderful! I facilitate grief support groups for teens and adults and I teach death and bereavement issues. Keep up the fine work! You have an excellent site and are to be commended for helping those who are grieving. I will be visiting frequently!
Ed C.
Grief Counselor

I just wanted to tell you how well done your site is. I am a RTS Counselor and Coordinator and a certified Bereavement Facilitator, working towards certification as a grief therapist. This is an excellent resource for both families and health care providers. It's nice to see you bringing along physicians. For too long my MD colleagues have viewed death as a defeat and not as a normal part of life! Good luck
Kathy Bell
RTS Counselor
Certified Bereavement Facilitator

Your site is great. I have placed a link on one of my pages to your site. MUCH TOO YOUNG page, in memory of the son-in-law and granddaughter of a co-worker. This page was one way I felt I could help her honor their memory and maybe help ease her grief by having additional links to sites that deal with grief. Keep up the good work.
Mary Denson
College Counselor/Advisor
Southeast Texas College

I am a member of NAPT and am currently working with chronic pain groups. I want to thank you so much for this site, it is a wonderful, healing resource.
I am working with small groups on a weekly basis and have found the information here extremely valuable for the all of us and particularly those who are bedridden since Sept. 11.
Thanks again for your work and the lives you touch.
Debbie Tripp

I visited your web site today. Congratulations on what I consider a five star site. This site is comfortable, easy to visit, professional and well designed. People dealing with loss will certainly find a helpful place to stop in their grief journey. Bless you for the time and effort. Once again welcome and thanks for your wonderful site.
Jerry Boles
Originator of
10 Year Hospice Volunteer,
Bereavement Facilitator
Wyoming State Hospice, Board of Directors

I put out a monthly newsletter to our LifePath Hospice survivors which includes steps to help them work through the loss of a loved one.
LifePath Hospice is a non-profit organization and the people receive the newsletter at no cost to them. I would, obviously, include author information and credit your web site.
Thank You.
Diane Schnelly
Bereavement Coordinator
LifePath Hospice
I came across your site is wonderful!!!!!!!! I am a hospice volunteer. We are in the process of starting a grief support arm to help our clients, their families, and others in the community.
Hospice Volunteer

Your web site is beautiful and healing--I will definitely recommend it to anyone dealing with grief and loss. Thanks for your creative and compassionate contributions to the world.
Dale Larson, PhD
Hospice Home Page

Congratulations on a brilliant site. I am nearly 7 years post bone marrow transplant for NHL. I now facilitate & co-ordinate volunteers & carers who have been through this journey. We go in pairs & visit patients going through a transplant or dealing with a blood disorders & are inpatients in acute care units. As well as the visits we offer telephone counselling, we are all trained in basic counselling skills.

I write a newsletter to the volunteers & in need of ongoing inspiration for myself & for them, your pages are giving me that.

I have found very few Drs with a gift of communicating & listening, I am trying to spread the word & attend training days for medical students set up by my own GP, their techniques are videoed & hopefully getting them in the early stages of their careers will make an impact down the line.

Keep up the good work

Regards Rhondda
Westmead, Sydney NSW, Australia

Thank you for your wonderful web site.
We own a funeral home and I prepare a newsletter, as a free service to our families each quarter. I found so many wonderful poems and inspirational items on your site. Our aftercare program has grown tremendously and it is our privilege to help families on their grief journey.
Thank you for providing much needed information for our funeral home, so that we can help our families. We know that grief does not end at the funeral and we want our families to know we care long after that also.
My husband and I are grateful for sites such as yours. God Bless you for touching hurting people in such a special way.
Joy Early
Funeral Home Director
Athens, Tennessee

Just a brief note regarding your site. I am a Funeral Director and this is a terrific site. I must admit, something personal brought me here. It made me feel better, so much I will refer to others I deal with. Keep up the great work!
Dianne Onofrio
Funeral Director

For more comments see the following links: To view the Earlier Comments about Journey of HeartsTM follow the links below:
I have been searching and searching the net looking for something to bring me hope or help me over "the hump". I came across your site yesterday, and immediately hit the "emergency pick-me-up page". And that it was- it really saved me.
Wendy MacNeil
See the Emergency 911 Page for links to immediate resources
if you are feeling helpless, hopeless, overwhelmingly depressed, or suicidal.

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